What is this?

‘Sevenfold’ is a project I worked on for a couple of years, quite some time ago. It was intended to be a D&D campaign setting, heavily influenced by planescape but mostly based on seven differently structured material planes as well as the feeling of constant flow, birth and death and delicate balance.

I decided to use the rudimentary information I had to write a small story, which… well… grew a bit oversized. I also had the chance to play this story and thus gained my first DMing experiences with a dnd campaign that went quite well. Many other followed over the years and since I don’t know what to do with this Sevenfold anymore – except remembering my younger days – I thought of sharing it with anyone who might be interested.

You will find more information on the Campaign Setting itself here.

I intend to post the novel in its entirety little by little, maybe with some commentaries, explanations and setting material that might be useful. Hopefully, some of you will find it entertaining.

Prologue – The initiate

Part One
01. The Exile
02. The thief of the Essences
03. Grandpa’s Gift
04. A knight’s task
05.The Departure
06. The Ritual

Interlude – Running Free

Part Two

07. The arrival
08.The awakening
09.The trial
11.The rupture of a people
12. plans
13. Lunchtime

Interlude – the rupture of a city

Part Three

14.On the road again
15. The Kegaleg night
16.Bateleur’s return
18.A matter of understanding
19. Jeselick’s fairground
20.Witnessing the unseen
21.A love letter
22.An important guest
23. Enlightened
25.Prince of Shadows
26.The heat of the day
27.The Murex of Heart Hearkening
28.Nighttime encounters
29. Few hours before dawn
30. The welcoming of the prisoner
31. The end of loneliness
32. The green in the eyes
33. Fire stricken
34. The reunion
35. The son

Interlude – A child is born

Part four

36. The Ancient
37. Going down
38. The Vampire purge
39. Coming up
40. Going in
41. Going mad
42. Foe Of All Gods
43. For love… and hate
44. Child of the dead


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